You can increase printer speed by decreasing copy quality…
this will give you the best compromise of quality for speed.

If you have documents that you will rarely use but you need to print them then try fitting more than one document to a page.

You need to pick the best connection…

1.  usb is faster than wired ethernet

2.  wired ethernet is faster than wireless

You could also try biting the bullet and buy ram for your printer.  The more space it has to store a print job the faster it can process it.

Now if memory is no problem then the issue is spooling… sometimes a print job gets hung up while being transferred.  Most times spooling works best but there are cases when this will work agains you… so if memory is not a problem but the print job is going slow then turn spooling on… if its already on then try turning it off… setting is under advanced in the print driver

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