I was asked by a customer about what printing solution would I recommend for smart phones such as Ipad and Android. I told him none of them. He was shocked. I basically explained that currently there is not set standard for smart phone printing. A solution may be created today such as an app that will work great but by tomorrow it could be broken with the next update for the smart phone. The reason is that the code may have changed just enough to break it. He asked how often this happens. I asked him how often do you get updates then I asked can you run your business guessing if the next update will break your printing solution for your smart phone. He said no.

I told him the only solutions that I recommend. They aren’t great but they work.
These all involve either emailing or ftping files to a folder on your network.  From there either an email handler or file handler takes over and prints…

1. Some copiers come with this option where it prints whatever pops into the email address account assigned to it. (Speak with your local service provider)
The other options are

2. Setup rules in an outlook email account so emails are automatically printed (speak with your network admin)

3. He could ftp all documents to a folder and have a script print the documents and then script to delete the documents in the folder(speak with your local network admin

4. Speak with our copier service provider to have them design a workflow solution. Most copier manufacturers are affiliated with a workflow software provider. Everyone has their own name for it. Basically this is a software package that dumbs down the creation of a script to manage automated print jobs. You will need to work with a copier dealer for this solution. The upside is that its easy for most users to maintain. The downside is that the software can be expensive.


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