Yesterday, I had to sit down with a friend. He was having a hard time. He was at a turning point in his career. He is an older gentleman who has limited choices. He had long ago run out his pell grant so we explored the internet and ran into this.

Educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef launched University of the People in January 2009. Its first cohorts started studying in September 2009, when 177 students from 49 countries across the globe comprised the inaugural class of the University.

The Information Society Project at Yale Law School (Yale ISP) expanded its program in digital education by entering into a research partnership with University of the People in September 2009.

The university was announced at the UN on May 19, 2009, and was presented at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in August 2010.

In June 2011, University of the People established collaboration with New York University (NYU) to identify UoPeople students who are eligible for admission to one of the most selective institutions in the world – NYU Abu Dhabi.

In August 2013, Microsoft 4Afrika announced a scholarship program to give 1,000 students from Africa scholarships to study at UoPeople, as well as access to Microsoft programs and resources.

University of the People received accreditation in February 2014, through the Distance Education and Training Council.

In May 2014, The Bayelsa State Government of Nigeria entered a partnership with University of the People in a milestone agreement, the University’s first government agreement, which will support students towards achieving Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science or Business Administration.

By May 2014, the University had accepted more than 1700 students from 143 countries.

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