I was talking to a network person this week and one thing led to another and he logged into his system remotely and showed me observium. I was completeley blown by the concept. He had observium running on ubuntu server which was running virtually on windows server. He was testing it out… Eventually, he is going to run it on its own machine… but I have to say for a network monitoring software it is truly amazing… I still can’t believe php and mysql have come this far.



Observium is a PHP/MySQL-based Network Observation and Monitoring System (NOMS) which collects data from devices using SNMP and presents it via a web interface. It makes heavy use of the RRDtool package. Observium has a number of simple core design goals driving its development: minimum interaction, maximum automation and maximum accessibility of information. These design goals have resulted in a slightly unconventional monitoring system with almost no individually customisable settings per device, and where almost everything that can be monitored is automatically discovered.

Observium has changed names a few times from Project Observer (2006–2008) to ObserverNMS (2008–2010) and finally to Observium

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