A friend of mine wanted a comparison of mac to pc.

1. Straight up price comparison, if you are buying a mac new… you will always spend more than a pc. If you are buying a mac used you might find a deal. Check ebay but keep in mind you are probably not going to get a warranty.

2. Drivers for the mac are not as abundant, granted there is a lot of opensource stuff out there but typically. If its not officially made by apple you are out of luck. For windows you have a much wider variety of drivers. Heck if you know enough you could build a windows driver.

3. Service and Support for the mac is beyond excellent. This is because apple is in total control. They know their operating system inside and out. They can fix anything. The pc will always have you at a disadvantage because most are a patchwork of hardware and software that work together to get the job done and at times can conflict because they simply weren’t designed by one authority but many different ones.

4. This brings us to customization. You could truly do anything with your pc and I mean anything. Because macs are controlled by apple there are a lot less customizable than the pc.

5. Stability-wize you are much more likely to get 1 crash this year on a pc than a mac. A mac is much more stable this is due to apple’s oversight and simply put a lot fewer people are writing viruses for it. The pc suffers stability problems because of the sheer amount of software and hardware that can run on it. All software that can run on pc don’t necessarily work well together and all hardware that can be installed are in the same boat.

6. Business software has the pc as king. Simply put more people know about the pc. The PC has a greater market share. The pc is cheaper. The issue with macs used to be opening and reading files but these days most files that can be read in mac os can be read in the pc os. If there is a problem then you can usually find a utility to make said file readable. Since everything is going to the cloud. Software as a service meaning you will log in to your business application online this will probably not be an issue in the future.

7. Games are hands down the domain of the pc. Macs usually have to wait for a port of a pc game. In some cases that never happens. The pc has a greater game library than the mac. We are talking needle to haystack here.

8. Office Equipment works best on the pc. This does not mean that you will always have problems on a mac but in general there is a bit of getting up to speed. Its best to consult apple store and/or apple support before making any assumptions. Ok, now that being said, older office equipment can have issues on newer model pc and/or pc with the latest version of windows. So if you are in a situation where a pc is doing the scanning and printing and you want to bring in macs then it may be best to turn that pc into a scan and print server and then create shared folders or mapped drives on that pc and/or through batch/bash files chicanery create scripts to move scans to email or if the office equipment is capable have it email the scanned docs.

9. Never trust your copier company to network your mac. Its not that they will destroy your mac. Its that your mac may not have drivers or may give you strange issues. Its best to consult the apple store and your software manufacturer before doing anything that is business critical. Whereas with a pc the copier company could bring in a pc to act as a print server in the worst case scenario the mac isn’t always that forgiving.

10. What about linux distributions on the pc. Linux distributions like ubuntu and mint and stuff like that. In my experience they are extremely stable, extremely customizable but also have a large learning curve and require specialized support. Driver wize you are limited so its best to use linux if you know what you are doing. If not walk away.

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