There are some service technicians who use cell phones in the gentlest way. Thats not me, I tend to wear down the plastic like there is no tomorrow. So to me, blackberry is a godsend. They wear a way easily but they are simple to fix. This is true for the old ones. The curve and the like…

With this in mind, I decided to replace the case or housing on my blackberry curve. All went well until I tried to power on and then I got the battery icon with the red slash. I figured it needed charging so I let it charge for an hour no change. I tried all kinds of fancy tricks on the internet no change.

Finally, I decided to put the phone back into the old housing with no screws to hold it down… it worked like a champ… new housing no so goodie me sa think well housing is problem… I pried up some contacts to get better connection.. no luck and then I took a real close look at the new housing… what do you know… there were some portions where the plastic was slightly different. These held the board away from the contacts.

I found a box cutter and cleared away the annoying plastic and after two tries… still the same… then I said… ok… the plastic isn’t there what if I used some screws to hold the phone together… thats what they are used for… and then just like that magic. a generic case caused my battery icon with the red slash. A little elbow grease and all is good… one last note when doing this kind of work buy the case or housing that includes tools… I bought mine on ebay for $9.99

For those who have this problem of battery icon with the red slash. It is very possible that the screws aren’t holding your case together as good as it used to or the case came off in one part or another. My advice is make sure the phone housing is properly secured. If still bad try adding a wad of paper above batter to see if issue changes. if still same issue then try squeezing the phone top and bottom just where the batter connects to the contacts. If still bad try dissassembly and reassembly. Reseating the phone by so doing might fix your issue. Software might not be the problem…

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