HP Easy firmware updates are geared to be simple. To execute them one must make sure that the printer is networked and in a ready state. Now once thats done, your next step is to make sure that the printer is not being printed or used in any way. Next you download it and do a flash that typically takes 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the printer. A note sometimes the flash will not take the first time so if issue remains or printer gets worse try again. Two or three times will do… The firmware is rewritten each time. The firmware tells the printer how to operate so it will not erase any network settings as such but read your literature included with the driver to be sure or at the least copy your settings somewhere so you can re-input them if needed.

Now a couple of things… if firmware does not take it can indicate that you have a formatter going bad.

If firmware does take… it does not mean that all is well… I would still watch the formatter…

Also its a good idea to add surge suppressor that filters the fax line and if possible the power line.

If issue returns again then replace the formatter… if issue still return then the issue might actually be the error codes that drew you to do the firmware in the first place.

Remember, first thing is check the rollers… replace if worn… and check for obstruction in paper path and clear dust from sensors… then check adf and see if it works, clear any obstructions in adf, then check scan table… then… check fax and scan functions… and print functions… then flash firmware a couple of times if needed… then if issue remains actually look at one of the areas in the checklist…

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