Grub Boot Loader Crashing when starting up windows…

Grub Boot Loader Crashing when starting up windows…

Lately, I have been having situations where either installing windows or installing a program in windows in a multiboot environment will crash grub boot loader. Grub Boot loader is that black and white screen that shows what operating system that you have and then loads it. Not to be confused with windows boot loader. Grub is generally installed by linux or a bootloader program.

Why windows crashes grub… I have no idea but it does… now what do we do when it happens…

well first we have to verify that the entries still work…

when the grub bootloader crashes hit e for edit… this brings you to the bootloader entries… then scroll down to the windows vista/server entry and hit e for edit again then goto the entry that reads

and make it


then hit b and if your windows os is still intact then you boot…

To be honest… I couldn’t fix the loader so I just killed it… with easy bcd
install easy bcd
then backup your boot settings
Go to the BCD Deployment tab.
Select the correct version of the Windows boot loader for your computer (Windows 7/Vista or XP).

Click Write MBR.

Go to the Edit Boot Menu tab and make sure your Windows installation is listed there correctly.

Reboot, and the GRUB screen should be gone.

and you can reboot to your old windows os…

from that point on if you want to install grub again thats up to you…

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