A couple of things.

First, lets say you want to pick the right machine for your printing needs.
Second, you need to figure out how many prints you produce a month.
Third, you need to check how many prints per month your machine is rated at.
Fourth, consider if you need to replace the machine by considering the cost of a maintenance kit plus labor of install and then see how much you have spent on repairs for the machine in a year. If the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of machine. You need a new machine.
If the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of maintenance kit and labor of installing it by multiples then you need to replace machine.
To decide on your next machine, consider the following:
prints per month — find a machine that has prints per month matching your needs

consider the cost of supplies — check to see the prints that supplies rated at and then check to see how fast you will be going through them and then calculate how much it will cost you for the year in supplies based on your print per month. Consider how much you are currently spending with your old machine and then compare.

consider if you need color or black and white– Black and white is cheaper. A color machine uses color to calibrate so its possible to run out of color ink or toner and never use it. Don’t tempt your employees with color. They will use it. You will pay for it.

consider your industry– network with people in your industry… find out what they use or what they recommend.

consider the recommendations of your computer network manager– He/she will have a definite idea of what works best.

consider the different types of systems–
inkjet– typically not repairable unless its a plotter and then its very expensive even to evaluate
laser– consider the cost of supplies and maintenance kit in relation to prints per month
dot matrix– super reliable, super cost effective on supplies and repairs perfect if you are doing black and white and just want something cheap and simple. Check cost of supplies and maintenance kits in relation to prints per month.
Thermal– very expensive… very reliable typically used in warehouses for black and white bar code printing. Things that fail, printhead, plattens and power boards.

consider size– size matters… check how much your service for the printer you want will be. The bigger the printer… the larger will be the labor per hour.

Then make your decision…

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