Graphics Cards: Cause of BSOD

I was working on a customer’s computer. They were constantly getting (BSOD) blue screens of death on their windows 64 bit machine. Yes this occured during video games. Or as I like to call it software…

I tried the following.
1. Messing with the virtual memory maxing it out and dropping it to zero
2. I tried hunting for viruses
3. defragmenting hard drive
4. using older direct x executables
5. clearing out temp memory and fixing registry settings
6. changing video drivers
7. trying software that turned out to be malware that was intended to fix the issue
8. checking the tech forums for ideas
9. uninstalling unneeded programs
10. removing disk image readers
11. making the offending program run in compatibility mode
12. setting the offending program as administrator
13. changed ram
14. cleaning out the cpu heatsink
15. running a fan on the cpu heatsink and main board (improvement but slightly different bsod)
16. tried readyboost(helped a bit but when I was exiting the software that issue occurred with I would get a crash…)
17. In the end the solution was to overclock the video card… with readyboost and max out virtual memory… (that solved it)…
Possible reason this works…
1. Video card is failing
2. power supply is failing
3. main board is failing capacitor plague
Likely culprit…
bad 1 gig video card…

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