CDFS formatted CDs and Ubuntu

CDFS formatted CDs and Ubuntu

For a long time this used to be the format that most cds were in. It was the standard atleast for a time. These days most cds dvds and the likes are in uif format. Every once in a while though you will run across this. Most windows computers can handle this format but ever so often you will run into a case where that is not possible.

For windows you need a cd recovery tool

For linux, your best bet is to stick to a linux distribution like ubuntu and in that case you will need… to do the following..
open disks
where you have the cd/dvd drive
look for the device it should be in the format /dev/sr0 right below cd size
do an attach disk image
select setup read only loop device
select all files
then look for dev then look for sr0 then do attach…
your image should be cdfs image should be available

don’t bother with cdfs-src or gmount…

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