A couple of things to note. The great benefit of ubuntu is its ease of use and the fact that its a great distribution for setting up print drivers. Even so, your mileage will vary. That being said lets get to it…

With slow printing its either going to be a setting or just your whole driver that needs replacing… Here is my best advice on the matter…

First lets try a print driver setting change…

Two ways to do this:
1. Go into your printer settings and select a lower DPI, possibly to a draft mode.

2. To change the quality, again go to “System > Admin > Printing” and right click the printer you want to change the settings on. Click Properties. Click Printer Options in the list on the left and then look for Print Quality. My laser printer is set to normal, but you can also change this to “draft -economy” mode or “best” mode.

If that does not work then you are going to need to try changing the whole driver…

Switch your drivers from a Postscript/Foomatic driver to a CUPS/Gutenprint driver.
Also try a PCL driver if its not installed automatically.

To change your drivers to CUPS or PCL, go to “System > Administration > Printing” and then right click your printer giving you problems, and click “Properties”. Click the “change” button to the right of Make and Model. It will then ask to change drivers. Now pick your printer brand (should already be selected) click forward, and then the model should be selected already also. To the right of the models list are the drivers.

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