Look, I tried really hard to like these operating systems but the shine just will not appear.

1. android x86, and remix os is are basically android which is a great linux style os if you can get it working and just wants to make you throw away your computer if you can’t.

2. these os market themselves as being backwards compatible and able to work on all computers. This operating system is so far from that as to be laughable. If they do work on all hardware then you are going to do a heck of a lot of massaging and coding because its just that tough. Think of the early days of linux distros when you had to fight tooth and nail just to get a distro to work only to be pissed off when it didn’t.

3. before you go running off to get this guy running realize one thing… you probably won’t get it to work on an amd chipped machine and two if its intel its got to be something very new… like maybe the past five years and even so your mileage will vary.

4. Now lets say you get it running, realize that its an android and you are going to have to deal with the headache of finding a printer that works with these things. My best bet is to check if your programs can save in pdf and save all to pdf. Then if you want to print figure out how to setup up your printer as a email printer… or how to setup a script on a server or pc that prints the newest files in a certain folder. You will find info on that in my training and diy section Also keep in mind that this is an ever improving operating system so you might have better driver support tomorrow or worse driver support tomorrow.

5. To put it simply… android x86 and remix os are nice gimmicks but they are best fit for newer computers… stay away from amd… and be prepared for the perfect printing app or to possibly script your own solution. Remember your mileage will vary… So don’t go replacing your business operating systems with any of these unless you know you will not have problems and/or you can survive without work for 6 months…

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