Those of you who have been reading these posts know I have a hardon for guest operating systems. Its been a while and the honeymoon period is over. Now that I have settled into a standard way of dealing with guest operating systems. I can give you an honest perspective…

First make sure that the computer you are on supports hardware virtualization. Now even though, this is true… you can still have problems. If your pc is too old then it will not support or have limited support for virtualization. If your pc is very new it may not have that feature built in but if it is… it will have full virtualization.




The best virtual manager is oracle virtual manager. Its very easy to use and has given me the best experience.

Install every last update for oracle virtual box. I mean everyone. This will give you full functionality.

Second, next step to understand is that not all operating systems work great on all computers. Granted on the newer computers, your guest os functionality will be a lot greater. The easiest guest operating system to get working is the linux distros… ubuntu is one of the best… windows is next on the totem pole and mac os x has some pretty high requirements so if you get mac os x or hackintosh to work on your pc then you have a great computer.

Third, consider if you want the guest os for business or games… Whichever the case the rules are the same.

1. disable networking in the virtual manager
2. create multiple copies
3. get one of the copies running the way you want
4. install programs and get them running the way you want. Now here is where everyone goes wrong… do not attempt to upgrade the operating system that your programs are working in. Place the programs in the guest os they work best in. This will give you best performance. This also works best for games.
NOTE: if the mouse starts doing wacky things… you need to disable mouse integrating and renable it. This helps with crazy mouse movements in games…

Now once you get setup clone the setup…
remember as operating systems get newer old games and old programs functionality gets worse… so settle into your position and leave it at that and if possible clone it.

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