Today was an interesting day… wow the revelations… ok… now lets get to it. I was working on a network today… the customer wanted me to work on setting up scanning on two windows 10 computers. We were scanning to ricohs…

So we needed to make
everyone was in the same workgroup
everyone had the same dns
dns works
everything works with ip addresses
everything works with host names

I turned off all firewalls and got the aforementioned to work…
I set up user accounts without emails
made them admins
created shared folders
added user
gave user account read write privileges to shared folders

one pc had a deleted shared folder so all was good at this point…

the other one had scanning issues…
scanning just hung…
checked firewall, it was redirected to mcafee livesafe….

I went in mcafee livesafe turned it off
scanning began working
turned it on scanning stopped
turned it off
added 138, 139, 445 to the port list

still nothing worked…

edited the port list rule I created by checking a box for home network…
then edited mcafee network rules so all networks were home networks…

then everything worked…

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