I was helping a friend install civilization V. Normally, it would happen perfectly but it just would not take no matter what we did. We kept on getting this error… No Language configured… It was a popup… We looked it up online and we were told to change the language option in windows under control panel in regional and language… then we were told to go into the device manager and change the dvd region to the one associated with the disk. Nope… that did not solve it either… some people are sick farts… I should not say that… It might work for some people…

What worked for me was simple… Download steam and install it… then attempt to install civilization 5 from within steam… It will attempt to download it… Stop it once you get the Civilization 5 desktop icon… Try double clicking the Civilization 5 desktop icon and reinstall and it should pull from the disk. If that does not work then try the autoplay option from the disk that should bring up the option menu then attempt the reinstall… that should install from the disk…

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