I was talking with a friend about quantum computers. He had argued that it would take like 20 years for them to be ready for use by the general public. I thought to myself… very interesting….

I have been looking around and generally googling the topic and I found that Dwave had commercialized it. I checked their site and found that what we were looking at were either 10 ft by 10ft by 10 ft boxes with lots of supercooling hardware or boxes about as big as that used by as400 hardware back in the day.

Doing a little research I found that nextbig future had published an article on may 16 2013 about a dwave machine that has specs of 512 qubit21 petaflop equivalent

Using that article as a basis I pulled the following data and ideas…

I have been looking around and no one really has a simple way to convert this to gigahertz speeds.

Thankfully they gave some some equivalence data.
the dwave 512 qubit quantum computer that has 21 petaflop compared to
a 2.4ghz 16 gigabytes quad core computer that has 420 gigaflop

Dwave reported the following:
with difficult math problems the quantum is 11000 times faster
with average math problems the quantum is 33000 times faster
with simple math problems the quantum was 50000 times faster

An independent researcher said the quantum is about 3600 times faster

if we average all those together then the average speed faster is 24400

so if 50000 times faster than a 420 gigaflop is 21 petaflop

then according to dwave
the fastest math processing equivalent is 21 petaflop
the averaging math processing equivalent is 14 petaflops
the slowest math processing equivalent is 4.6 petaflops

if we average that out with the independent researcher then
the average of those 4 is 10.2 petaflops

Now without knowing exactly what the calculations and formulas are lets say that
50000 times math processing power means 50000 times gigahertz power.

So 50000 times 2.4 GHz is 120000 GHz
or 120 tera hertz or 120 THz

Not sure how that is going to be commercialized by anyone except the big corporations, engineering, science and those who do cloud computing…
One could see the possibility of tablets and slates and smart phones becoming dumb terminals for dwave motherboxes…

In any case thats my two cents…

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