I have to say that I absolutely love my hp slate 7. It works great. It does what it needs to. Its a nice tablet that I use to load my service manuals on so that when I go to service calls I can easily access it without pulling out a bulky laptop. That being said there are a few issues…

1. Don’t update the operating system unless you are doing it from external media. If you are doing that then make sure to backup your program settings to google.

2. Not all apps are made the same. Some apps will conflict with others. A couple of things that will happen if there are conflicts.

a. Unless the app you are using is written well it will be slowed down by other apps downloading and updates.

b. If you use apps to an extreme limit they can become unstable and crash a lot.

c. Some apps not only become unstable they can make your hp slate 7 unstable

My advice for using your hp slate 7 for service manuals is do the following.

1. If at all possible have one for work and one for play.

2. If thats not possible then you need to keep as few apps on your machine as possible.

3. Do not update the os

4. Don’t update the apps unless its absoluteley necessary.

5. Make sure to keep it charged.

6. Buy a wallet style case for it. The kind of case that has a flap that folds over the screen. This way you don’t get cracks in the screen unless you sit on it… also do that for your phone… most places sell the open face crap that basically is like planning to have your screen crack.

If for some reason your hp slate 7 crashes… do keep a laptop handy that you can plug your hp slate expansion card into… this way you can still access your manuals and if possible you can place a recovery image on expansion media and reflash your hp slate 7.

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