Pay yourself for working… the lazy mans way

What does this mean? This means that for every dollar you earn you put aside some money for the future or for that eventual possibility of either retirement or disability. When you are young, you are taught that entertainment is key. The truth is far different. What is expensive today will be cheap tomorrow. Thats how entertainment is. Life on the other hand is different… What is cheap today will be expensive tomorrow. Acorn app is basically a poor mans 401k. It is subconscious. It is a set it up and forget it app. In this case, you decide how much money is put aside and then it is. In this case, it is spare change. And believe you me, this spare change adds up. How does it work… ??? When you spend money… your spare change is saved and invested… Yes invested… It is nice that it is invested. But the important part is that its saved. It is surprising how fast that little savings adds up. Don’t expect any great amount from the investment but the savings can surprise you… It can surprise you how fast that adds up… Check it out.. I am sure you will not be disappointed… who knows this may start you on a path that you have always wanted to be on… and without that much effort…


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