Timeslips is slow to open

Timeslips is running slow
antivirus scanning its files
make sure that your antivirus is NOT scanning
1) TSShare on the server and any other folder where the program an data may be stored,
2) the C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips folder on the individual workstations and
3) the location where Timeslips is trying to save temp files.
By default,
this will be
You can set an alternative folder, such as
C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips\LocalTempFiles
in the Preference settings within Timeslips.

Timeslips is running slow
too many performance options running

Timeslips is running slow
wireless network… not supported… get a hard line…

Timeslips is running slow
make sure computer specs meet minimum requirement… higher the specs better it should run

Timeslips is running slow
make sure pc hard drive has atleast 1gb of space free… more you have better it should run

Timeslips is running slow
check network speed 1
check network speed 2

Timeslips running slow
optimize mtu size

Timeslips is running slow
try prioritizing this program and related port through the router via QOS rules

Timeslips is running slow
background processes are consuming cpu cycles and memory

Timeslips is running slow
Computer name is longer than 12 characters

Timeslips is running slow
check if raid is involved

Timeslips is running slow
check for corrupt database

if true find a timeslips expert

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