Error sc360 sc361 sc362 sc363 TD sensor error color copier – Black, magenta, cyan, or yellow TD sensor disconnected, Harness between TD sensor and PCDU defective, Defective TD sensor.
Ricoh Aficio MPC300SR MPC400 MPC400SR MPC401 MPC401SR
Lanier LD130C LD130CSR LD140C LD140CSR MPC401 MPC401SR
Savin C230 C230SR C240 C240SR MPC401 MPC401SR

Often the malfunction occurs after the copier has been transported and it indicates that the drum unit has loosened. First check the Unit connections, ie remove them and reinstall them, clean the laser panes and if this does not help, perform the developer’s initialization. OR Reinstall or replace the PCDU.
SP-3-014-001 (Developer Initialization)
Black Drum Unit M026-2024, M026-2014, M0262024, M0262014
Black Developer Unit M026-3034, M026-3030, M026-3021, M0263034, M0263030, M0263021
Color Drum Unit M026-2025, M026-2015, M0262025, M0262015

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