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Topics in the Selling for Engineers manual

The importance of sales

The symptoms of weak sales ability

Comparison of a ‘sales-led’ versus a ‘product-led’ company

An ethical approach to sales

Should we hire a science graduate and train him/her to sell?

The reason why most ‘techies’ are not ‘natural’ sales people

What ‘techies’ really think about selling – the negative stereotype

The personality traits needed for sales How to take your engineers and make them into your sales force

How to make a good sales presentation

Inter-personal skills

Sales engineer skills

Sales basics for beginners

The ‘Old Way’ of selling versus the ‘New Way’

Common faults

When your are the customer, what do you look for in a salesperson?

Why does anybody buy anything? A fundamental understanding

The ‘ideal’ sales personality

How to prospect for new business

Prospecting methods – mail, phone, visits, email, fax, exhibitions, referrals

How to write an effective sales letter

What to say on the phone

‘Qualifying’ the prospect

Dealing with common problems

Setting appointments

Meeting the prospect - the sales interview

How to deal with different personality types

Discovering the buying motivations

Two key words to obtain strategic information

Professional listening


The sales presentation

A 4 stage formula which gives you the best chance of success

The trap of the friendly, helpful buyer

Presenting to academics and experts

Asking for the order

Closing the sale

Sales representative qualifications

Seven classic closes

Good answers to difficult objections, including

- ‘It’s too expensive’

- ‘I’m getting other quotes’

-  We’re happy with our existing supplier’

- ‘I want to think about it’

Dealing with ‘difficult’ buyers

- Handling the aggressive / dominant type

- Indecisive people

Handling rejection

Common reasons for lack of sales success – and what to do about them

Building your confidence

Self-limiting beliefs and how to neutralise them

How to stay motivated

The only way to get out of a sales slump

Self-limiting beliefs and your ‘Circle of Influence’

A sales refresher for older / experienced salespeople

Guiding principles for Sales Managers

How to win repeat business.

Professional complaint-handling

How to grow fast but stay successful long-term

The reasons for the rise and fall of companies

The ‘Sales Process Flow Chart’

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