Managed Versus Unmanaged Small Business IT Services

Unmanaged IT Systems

Many small businesses have unmanaged IT systems and most do not know or recognize the risks they are taking by not managing their IT systems.

Symptoms of unmanaged IT system are as varied as the people who operate them. Here are just some of the IT problems we have heard from small business owners with unmanaged computer systems.


If we had an emergency, we don’t really have someone we can count on or who knows our system to get it back up and running fast.

I’m tired of staying late & coming in on weekends to perform basic computer system maintenance. Honestly, I am not sure I really know what I’m doing.

Back-ups sometimes, disaster recovery plan we don’t have one & I’m getting really nervous.

We need to share information in real time due to our recent growth but we don’t know how.

Our server is being rebooted 3 or 4 times a day I don’t think this is normal.

If our network is not really secure and if we ever got attacked from within or without, I don’t know if we would survive.

Some of our employees want to work from home, we just don’t know how to make that happen.
* Could we integrate our internal & external communications into one company & client information system.

Here are some of the risks by not managing your IT problems.

Risks of Unmanaged IT Systems & Problems


Business Failure

Frequent Operational and/or Service Interruptions

Loss of Sales

Loss of Profitability

Inability to Accommodate Business Growth

Declines in Productivity Resulting in Losses in Operational Inefficiencies
7. Inefficiencies in Daily Operations Costing Time & Money

The reality is an efficient, secure and responsive IT system costs money. The real decision is how to best manage your IT costs for maximum productivity to increase your ROI. The alternative is to continue to bury your head in the sand hoping none of the business risks above ever happen to you.

The Managed IT Solution

A managed IT solution is where you hire a professional firm to support your small businesses with top-quality computer experts on a turnkey basis and at an affordable small business price. The best part for you is that they assume complete responsibility for keeping your computers and network running reliably and securely, so you don’t have, while you enjoy total peace of mind 24/7.

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