Antec Nine Hundred

NVIDIA - PureVideo Platinum

NVIDIA - CyberLink

NVIDIA - Quadro G-Sync II

NVIDIA - vReveal

NVIDIA- LolioScope

NVIDIA - Badaboom

Cooler Master HAF X

Nvidia  is an American
global technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia is
best known for its graphics processors (GPU‘s). Nvidia and chief rival
AMD Graphics Technologies (formerly ATI Technologies) have dominated
the high performance GPU market, pushing other manufacturers to
smaller, niche roles. Nvidia’s best known GPU product line labeled
“GeForce” is in direct competition with AMD‘s “Radeon” products.

In addition to GPU manufacturing, Nvidia provides parallel processing
capabilities, to researchers and scientists, that allow them to
efficiently run high-performance applications. They are deployed in
supercomputing sites around the world.  More recently, Nvidia has
moved into the mobile computing market, where its processors power
phones and tablets, as well as auto infotainment systems.  In
addition to AMD, its other competitors include Intel and Qualcomm.

Nvidia’s product portfolio includes graphics processors, wireless
communications processors, PC platform (motherboard core logic)
chipsets, and digital media player software. The community of computer
users arguably has come to know Nvidia best for its GeForce product
line, which consists of both a complete line of discrete graphics chips
found in AIB (add-in board) video cards and core graphics technology
used in nForce motherboards, Microsoft’s original Xbox game console,
and Sony’s PlayStation 3 game console.

The following are the most notable product families produced by Nvidia:

* GeForce

* Quadro

* Tegra

* Tesla

* nForce

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