1.      Connect DVR to router via ethernet cable
2.      Go to PC click start…
3.      type run… hit enter
4.      type cmd… hit enter
5.      type ipconfig… press enter
this gives you the ip address of the machine you are on
and the network subnet and network gateway
6.     type ping and your desired ip address
if it returns destination host unreachable
then that becomes the ip address for your dvr…
dvr ip address
7.    Go to your dvr menu from your web browser… access menu… access network
8.    Set http port to 8080 and server port to 2000… turn dhcp off
9.    Enter your dvr ip address… network subnet… network gateway
10. Next in your web browser… enter the network gateway address
11. login to your router
12. port forward 8080 and 2000 ports for dvr ip address
for tcp and udp (port forwarding)
13. Create a rule on your router
set action to allow…
set service type to the name of the service that you created in port forwarding….
source is any source…. set destination to lan… set ip address to dvr ip address
apply this rule always
save or update
14. to test… go to
you will see your networks external ip address
enter 8080 and check
enter 2000 and check
both should come up with success
15. go to your browser and type external ip address:8080
then login and you are done
16. to give your dynamic network ip a static domain
go to or list of dynamic ip address to static domain providers

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