I was told once that nvidia geforce mx4000 video card wont play netflix. This just isn’t true.

I was working in someone’s office on a copier installation when they brought me this problem. Apparently, the individual had a geforce4 mx 4000 graphics card in their desktop computer and they wanted to run netflix… but it kept giving them the blue screen of death… I sat the customer down and asked them what they did.

1. they downloaded the latest driver
2. they tried to install it
3. it crashed
4. they unzipped the driver
5. they installed the inf file
6. everything works perfect on the machine… even flash
7. netflix crashes their machine
8. 4 uninstalls and reinstalls later netflix still crashes their machine

My fix
1. find the most recent driver package that supports the geforce4 mx 4000 graphics card.
2. install it with the setup file thats included
3. if the driver crashes it is not the most recent driver that supports the graphics card
in this case the driver package used by customer is 93.71 but the one that got rid of the issue was 97.46
these are nvidia forceware drivers.
if the driver you pick does not work then editing the inf file might be your next step.
laptopvideo2go is an excellent site to show how to edit inf files

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