Just an update…

The smtp servers are going through another round of security restrictions.

What does this mean?

If you are trying to set up smtp mail relays that normally used to work… those little loopholes on the internet offered by some ISP’s.  They might not work consistently if at all.

If you are trying to use your email smtp server and it used to work but now it has stopped?
Your email provider might have decided to stop letting you bleed their bandwidth by using them as a relay. Usually they do this by blocking suspicious traffic or logins. You can tell this if you try to login into the account and you get the check if I am human word entry stuff or if you telnet and it gives you a message or if you ping the smtp and it times out.

and don’t even get me started on SSL…

The simplest suggestion is to setup an smtp server. Just spare yourself the headaches of free and online… and setup a local smtp server… argosoft is always good…

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