(This is the basic way of doing copier classifications.)
Copier ratings break down into six segments:

Segment 1: 11 – 20 ppm Small or home offices
Segment 2: 21 – 30 ppm Small offices
Segment 3: 31 – 40 ppm Small to mid-sized offices
Segment 4: 41 – 69 ppm Mid-to-large offices
Segment 5: 70 – 90 ppm Very large offices and/or print runs
Segment 6: 91 + Print/copy shops Commercial-sized

Copiers also carry ratings for their expected monthly volumes.

Once you have a rough volume figure, increase it by at least 15% to determine the monthly volume rating you should be looking for.

Exceeding monthly page volumes can result in premature failure of the copier and/or void warranty.

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