HP all-in-one models Procedure
HP Officejet 500 series

HP Officejet 600 series

HP PSC 300 series

  1. Click Start , click Settings , and then click Printers .
  2. Right-click the all-in-one print icon and click Properties .
  3. On the General tab of the Printer properties, click the Test Page option.

The Windows logo should be printed in color with the remaining test in black.

Another test is to print something with light blue, magenta, yellow, and black.

It is not possible to print a self-test from the front panel of these products.

HP Officejet and LX

HP Officejet 300 series

HP Officejet 700 series

HP Officejet T series

HP Officejet D series

HP Officejet K series

HP Officejet G series

HP Officejet V series

HP Officejet 4100 series

HP Officejet 5100 series

HP Officejet 6100 series

HP Officejet 7100 series

HP PSC 900 series

HP PSC 2100 series

HP PSC 2170 series

HP PSC 2200 series

  1. On the front panel of the product, press Menu (or Setup) .
  2. Press the Right Arrow until Print Reports displays, and then press Enter, Start, or OK .
  3. Press the Right Arrow until Self-Test Report displays, and then press Enter, Start, or OK .
HP PSC 2400 series

HP PSC 2500 series

HP Officejet 5500 series

From the front panel, press Setup , press 1 , and then press 4 .
HP Officejet R series

HP Officejet Pro 1150 series

HP Officejet Pro 1170 series

HP PSC 500 series

HP PSC 700 series

  1. From the front panel, press Menu repeatedly until Self-Test Report displays.
  2. Press Select/Resume or Enter .
HP PSC 1100 series

HP PSC 1200 series

HP PSC 1300 series

  1. From the front panel, press and hold Cancel , and then press Color Start .
  2. Release both buttons.

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