Smbup reinstalls samba to mac os x. This will allow your copier to start sharing again.
smbup download


Select Download now.
Save the file.
The file will be downloaded in a Zip format.
Go to your downloads directory, double click SMBUp.Zip to unzip the app.
Move the app to your dock.

Preliminary Setup

1. Any folder you wish to share must be listed in the shared folders section of Sharing. DO NOT CHECK FILE SHARING just list the shared folders.

Launchpad > System Preferences > Sharing

2. The File Sharing Option does not need to be checked for SMBUp to work. PLEASE DO NOT CHECK FILE SHARING just list the shared folders.

3. Add the Folder(s) you wish to share

4. Ensure the User: Everyone has at least Read Only Access

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any folder you wish to share.

6. Once complete close the window.
Launch the SMBUp App

1. Click the SMBup Icon in your dock

2. In the Advanced Settings section of the App. select the Install or Re-Install Samba button, this will display the Step 1 – IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ screen.

3. Select the Ok, help me install the software button, which will display the STEP 2 – PROGRAMS – PLEASE READ screen.

4. Select the Download & Install Package button. At this point you may be prompted for your Admin password after which the installer will download and Software Installation will begin.

WARNING – AT THIS POINT THE INSTALLATION MAY EXIT UNEXPECTEDLY, DO NOT PANIC. Simply restart the app and re-select the Install or Re-Install Samba button and then the Download & Install Package.

On the second attempt the Samba will be installed correctly.

5. Select the Configure Shared Disk button.
Add Shares

1. In the Advanced Settings section of the app select the Add new shared drive button.

2. You will be directed to the Desktop directory for your Mac via finder.

3. Select the first folder you wish to share, in this example we will share the Videos folder.

4. Select the choose button.

5. The folder will be placed in the app.

6. Repeat steps 1 -5 for all folders you wish to add.

7. Once all the folders have been added select the Save All button.

If required enter your admin password to allow SMBUp to make the requested changes.

8. Now start the Samba Service or exit the app at which time you will be prompted to Start the Samba service and quit, simply quit the application or cancel.

9. Once the service is started you can close the app.

10. SMB is installed on the Mac, and you should be able to see the files and folders.

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