Sometimes when you work on a copier… you will face some issues that appear complex but really come from simple problems. This means they have simple solutions. For example today… I faced an issue. The touch panel was locked when the service call came in but working perfectly fine when I got on site. I was thinking ram memory issues, code dim issues or bad hard drive. It turned out that this issue is often caused by a sticking key… The key sticks… data keeps looping back into the machine and the copier just stops… it does what most computers would do if a task consumed its entire memory… it locks up… The easiest way to deal with this issue is just to press the push keys around the touch panel… sometimes they get stuck… you have to push each one from every angle… and the bad guy will pop out… or pop out on his own… These keys are usually rubber at their base anyway… so playing with them with the angle thing usually works…

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