I sat down today and created a web based proxy server. Its good to do little projects. All you need is a domain, some webspace that supports php 5 and glype proxy server. I had a client that wondered why no matter what he did he could not stop his employees from getting on facebook at work. He couldn’t seem to block it. It was easier to show him than tell him. So I showed him how to set a web proxy server that that does the same thing.

1. download glype proxy server
2. ftp into webspace
3. create a folder at the root
4. unpack the glype proxy server
5. upload the unpacked files into the folder at root.
6. open your browser to the folder
7. create your admin login and password
8. logout
9. open your browser to the folder
10. type in the space provided the destination desired

After seeing how easy it was, he changed his business policy to focus on what makes his employees productive and not on their small pleasures. If only all bosses were so intelligent. A man can dream….

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