1.  Install printer or copier in ventilated dust-free area.  Dust and humidity can affect copier performance and life of parts.

2.  Install on a hard flat level surface.  If surface level isn’t flat and copier not placed with all four feet flat on surface paper jams can become an issue and in some cases alignment.

3.  Make sure the appropriate power is supplied.  If the copier is getting too much current, this can affect the internal logic and eventually fry the machine.  Too little power and the machine may not turn on or will have logic problems.  UPS can cause your ground to have a positive or negative level.  So UPS is not recommended.  A properly rated surge protector is best.

4.  Install away from water sources and humidifiers, refrigerators and major appliances.  Water sources can cause condensation in the machine and this can cause paper jams and limit the life of parts.

5.  Make sure there is enough space around the machine for opening all the trays and covers.  Also make sure  there is enough space for ventilation of macine.  Not enough space for opening of trays and covers can cause damage to covers by very upset customers trying to get paper jams out of machine or load machine. Inadequate ventilation can reduce the life of parts and cause machine to overheat.

6.  Install away from direct sunlight, open flames or ammonia fumes.   Open flames often carry harmful chemicals that can destroy the life of drums, the same goes for sunlight and ammonia.  If the copier is white… the coloring will change…  By open flames we also mean the room in which the copier exists must be a no smoking area.  Smoke can destroy drums and fusers.  This can cause issues with copies such as discoloration, dark backgrounds, light copies, dark or light spots etc…

7.  Install away from exhaust of ventilation system.  Exhaust of ventilation systems emit dust and humidity which are bad for the copier ventilation.

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