A note…. when paper jams occur in copiers it is often the case that there are obstructions in the paper path and worn out feed rollers but one of the most overlooked cause is a bad solenoid. Often times new techs overlook this because they are not sure what to do about them or how to test them. In many copiers there is a test mode that allows you to test them. Usually the solenoids should make a distinct sound as it pushes out and then another as it pulls in. Usually all the solenoids sound the same and one just doesn’t sound right. Thats the bad one. If you can’t perform a direct test then you need to remove covers and observe the solenoid in operation. It should push out and then pull in. Now lets say you want to repair a solenoid… All I can say is go to the following link. Solenoids and Copiers

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