How to Decorate Your Smart Phone Using Your Inkjet Printer?

Designer covers, charms, different sizes of crystals and crochet constitute some of the popular ideas when you want to decorate your smart phone or any other cell phone. The most recent ideas doing the rounds of the market these days is the use of an inkjet printer, allowing you to spend a much lesser amount of money. Some of the tips you need to keep in mind while decorating your smartphones are:

Have an image in your mind

Think about how you want your smartphone to look. Your selection of your mobile phone frequently reveals who you are and what kind of lifestyle you have. It is wise to make up your handset with the design that really suits your character. It is wise to have a proper idea in your mind and after that produce a design which will make your smart phone look improved.

Make use of friendly printer

The most excellent thing you can do is to have compatible printer software. Some of the inkjet printers need to be attuned to the software to generate the design you desire for your smartphone. For example, the PromoJet Solvent Inkjet Printer will surely need an Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDraw to churn out the desired print.

Choose Designs

It is significant to choose from uncomplicated to difficult designs, depending on what you yearn for. Always think of printing your name along with your favorite picture on an inkjet printer. Making use of paper that sticks will make your work easier. While doing so, try to make use of different colored sticker papers, so that your Smartphone stands out with the design you have selected. Try to match the shade with your phone or mix and match. This conception can be a a good substitute for the ready-made stickers that are available in the market to decorate your Smartphone.

Keep it in mind that the peel-and-stick process is not all that simple. Measure the area properly where you have to stick a design. In this way, you will create designs which are usable. Don’t hasten the process for otherwise you will end up making a mess of everything around you. Be very sure as to what design you want on your smartphone. Once the printing work is done, you are prepared to glue them on to your smart phone. Be very careful while sticking the design or else your entire effort will go waste.

Choose the design according to your smart phone accessory

This is a very important aspect to be kept in mind. Always choose a design that matches the accessories of your smartphone. If you wish to use certain charms that are hanging with your Smartphone then you can personalize them by using your inkjet printer and put one initial on each bead. You can print a quotation that inspires you a lot.

So, while decorating your smartphone with an inkjet printer always keep these few tips in your mind so that it looks different and stands apart. Adding up accessories will also give it a pleasing appearance.

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