If you are still running windows 98 and/or windows xp then you should be shot. Ok, now that we have out of the way, lets get to the point of my article. There are situations where you have software that really do need to be run on xp and/or windows 98. It could be a very critical program that was never upgraded due to cost or obsolescence. Or it could be that the hardware works best with those older operating systems. Whatever the case, you don’t need all the bloat that comes with these operating systems and/or you just want them to run at their best. Granted, if you put one of these Operating systems in a new fancy hardware it will run like there is no tomorrow. But if you want the speed but not the cost and you are ok with a software fix then I have a couple of options for you. You can try the lite series, 98lite, xplite, 2000lite. The lite series allows you to modify an existing install or create a new slimmer smaller stronger install. You can also try Nlite that will give you the option of creating a new install with a slimmed down footprint. If you have an OS that predates windows xp then more than likely internet explorer is giving you hell. IEradicator will take care of that problem for you. Remember it only works on any OS that is made before XP.

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