5Tips to remember before buying the best PC

RAM, CPU, hard drive, converter, UPS are some of the devices which makes you to remember while buying a personal computer. If you want to get the best PC, you need to do a little research on the same. It doesn’t mean that you should become expert for purchasing it. There is no need to get tangled, because you will be provided by enough information about the same. Here are the five tips given below to get a top PC:-

Know your requirements


Before buying, see what is your supercomputer want to do for you. To avoid confusion, put certain questions to yourself like

  • Will you need high resolution in PC?
  • Will you require higher configuration?
  • Will it be used for gaming purpose, work or for your kids homework, or for business?
  • What applications can be used on it?


Depending on your first choice you can go to any kind, which are available in the market.


Whenever you want to buy a computer, it is good to go for a brand. To select which brand you want go, you need to spend some time in the stores and personally look at them how do they look like and are the fulfilling your requirements. The advantages are more when you go for a brand rather than going for a lesser known company, which includes customer service, warranty information, longevity, and bundled software and replacement.

Extract Deals

Once you are aware of advantages of going for brand based on the quality and technical support they are providing, compare the best deals in the market online. See whether the brand of your choice is providing offers like

  • Core Configuration you need, which includes the processor along with speed, quantity of RAM and size of the hard drive. For example, If you want to design graphics, sound and video, you will need plenty of RAM
  • External Drives like DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Zip, CD recorder.
  • Select the length of the warranty or service coverage, which matches your needs.
  • See if you can get the pre-installed software you want. Select at least an operating system which does have an antivirus program, word processors,

Spread sheets.

  • If you are going to do heavy computational chores like Searching large database, downloading any stuff from PC you need an excellent processor.

Basing on that you can place an order for the one you are dreaming of.

Extra Features/Accessories

Based on the model and your requirement, we can go for extra features for your computer which includes Speakers, head phones, UPS, CD media, capacity of the hard drive, modem, network card, memory, sound card, video card etc.

How to finance your PC

PCs are one of the major appliances that cost you hundreds of dollars. Some people feel difficult to repay the finance taken to buy it. To avoid such circumstances you can go for the PPI (Payment protection plan) along with the loan, and can use PPI claims so as to avoid complications while repaying your EMIs.

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