I had a client today that lost access to his scan folder on the server. He blamed the copier. So I came by and took a look. I asked a few key questions.

Has the copier been acting up?

Has the scanner been acting up?

Has anyone else complained of the same issue?

When did the issue start?

Did he make any changes on his machine?

Did he update any software?

Did he make any fresh installs?

The last one got it…. He installed bitdefender on windows xp.
I went into His device manager and deleted every last bit of virtual hardware bitdefender installed and then rebooted. Bingo! He could connect again.

I then informed his IT person who shook his head… He had told that person to not install any software. He went on to explain that Bit Defender needed to be installed via an admin account and that the account used for the install was not an admin account.

He sat down at the offending computer and via an admin account reinstalled bit defender with connectivity and that was that.

Customer could now access the scan folder… with his Bit Defender Software

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