This post is meant to explain why simulated analog/voip does not always work on copiers and mfps. A simulated analog line takes an analog signal converts it to a digital signal and then converts it back. An analog line takes an analog signal and transmits an analog signal.

An analog signal can have noise caused by the following
1 the peaks in the signal to be cuttof
2 the line to have a background frequency that blots out portions of the signal
3 the line to have crossover where two different lines are being heard on the same line
4 the line has voicemail and/or other services
5 the line is wired wrong

A digital line or simulated analog line or voip line can have issues caused by the following
1 the recreated signal is not perfectly reproduced so the copier or mfp sees missing parts of the signal as noise
2 voicemail on the line

The copier or mfp tries to filter out bad faxes with something called ecm this basically cuts connection with any line that has signal quality that falls below a certain point. So your first step is to turn this off… your next step is to slow down the baud rate… slower transmission rate… less chance of error…

Now for the actual line…

To fix an analog line… turn off ecm on copier, try a dsl filter and if that fails… call the phone company…
To fix a digital line… turn off ecm, try a dsl filter and call the provider

This is the best help that i can give those that are having issues with comcast voip and other voip providers.

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