I recently worked on a printer at a network professional’s home. He was bragging how bright his kid was and how responsible. I asked him if he monitored his kid’s communications online. He said no that would be an invasion of privacy and that his kid was responsible and he could trust his kid. After listening to him for a while, I asked him about work. I asked him if he had monitoring software on the computers at work and he said sure. He had to make sure the staff was productive and not searching porn and social network sites. I asked him if he trusted his staff and he said sure but everyone gets sidetracked. Then I asked if you monitor adults why not children. He thought about it… then I showed him a video online…

Then I explained why schools did reviews after kids came from vacation. The reason kids forget. Heck adults forget… Now keep in mind I had known this person a long time so we could have this chat but even so it is something to keep in mind. Kids are young, impressionable and trusting- atleast the typical kid. So as I told him, Review the rules of the internet once a month, monitor their communications or at the least talk to them once a week about it. Dinner time conversation is always good. And realize that there are predators everywhere. When you grow up there are time wasters and identity thieves… When you are young you have predators, adult sites and time wasters.



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