I had a client that told me he had a copier problem. So I went over and fixed the copier problem. Then his wife started about how the copier did then and did that and then she started on and on about the rug and the carpet. After she left, the client looked at me and asked about the carpet and the rug. I told him I had an idea… there is no guarantee but it would be a lot better than what he had now… so he went with it. I went to my storage area and pulled out my hoover steamer vacuum. I used the upholstery attachment. I tried it on a small area that no one would notice… I had good results… I showed the client and he agreed for me to go further… after four hours… the carpet and rug were much cleaner than before… after 6 hours… they looked almost new… I forgot to tell you my cleaning solution… the big black bottle of degreaser from home depot. Degreaser and water was all I used… I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday and he said I should have rented one of the carpet vacuums from walmart… it would have beeen quicker. But concerning the degreaser in the black bottle… He had no idea… that you could use it like that… ( A WORD OF WARNING: THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU… IT MIGHT CAUSE DISCOLORATION IN YOUR CARPET… TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK) I had to throw that in there…

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