System Administrators have often experienced situations where applications were no longer responding resulting in the need of a reboot of the system. This is even a bigger issue when remote access tools such as RDP or VNC are no longer responding. Going to the computer room and using the keyboard and mouse or performing a reboot is the only solution.

However more frequently, the Operating System is still capable of performing a soft forced reboot by killing all running processes and then restarting itself. Typical for remote access tools is that a simple restart of the service is sufficient to regain access to the system using these tools.

To answer that need, ServersCheck has created the Remote Booting Software. The ServersCheck Remote Booting software is a software running on a Windows based system which performs, once authenticated, a service stop/restart or reboot of the computer it is installed on.

Users can connect to the Remote Booting software using a web browser or a mobile device supporting the HTTP protocol. Once connected a user can either perform:
a forced reboot
a service start/stop/restart

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