In many cases, windows 8 and scan to smb is a match made in heaven.

This is the case when:
1. the copier is fairly new
2. the copier has the most recent firmware

Now in the situations where the copier is not new and the firmware isn’t the latest and greatest issues can arise.

In some cases

1. scanning wont work
2. windows 8 machine is no longer browsable by the copier
3. scanning occurs but has a wait state
4. copier can connect to windows 8 machine but has authentication issues when scanning

When scanning problems occur with windows 8 you have two solutions.

1. safe solution – wait for the microsoft windows 8 patch

2. riskier solution is to make changes to the registry and to the smb configuration of windows 8. This is riskier because as with any windows pc… registry changes can render your operating system unstable and possibly unusable… if you really must try then here is the link to the Microsoft registry and commandline configuration adjustments for SMB

If you really must do scan to smb… it may just be simpler to create a windows xp or windows 7 file server and provide shortcuts to the apropriate users for the folders or mapped drives on the file server to which they have rights.

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