A customer asked me about bluetooth printing. He asked me what is the difference between bluetooth and wireless network printing. I explained to him that wireless network printing used a radio signal receiver and generator to transmit electronic information across networks instead of across cat cables. He then asked what makes blue tooth so special. I told him that bluetooth is a kind of wireless. It adds a layer of automation. At times moving data automatically at times doing other things… it depends on the relationship of the bluetooth devices.

Here is a link on how to connect two blue tooth devices. Keep in mind that if your pc or laptop lacks bluetooth connectivity then you need a blue tooth dongle.

Connecting Bluetooth devices

Now after being shown the information, he asked about creating a bluetooth printer on his network. I told him that there were a couple of possibilities. These all hinged on his printer being able to work with the attached equipment. In some cases it may not work. There are no universal bluetooth adapters. After saying that I showed him the following.

Blue Tooth Print Server

Serial bluetooth adapter

I told him the DIY way which was simply to share the printer on a pc that either has a blue tooth dongle or has bluetooth built in. The next step would be to simply to connect to the shared device on the blue tooth enabled pc.

After hearing my little speech, my client gave up on the idea. To him it would just be another level of complication which would come with another level of problems. He favored keeping things simple. I agreed with him.

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