Someone asked me about scanning issus with MAC OS X 10.5.8 and Epson all in one home printer. Here is the walk through I gave him.
Check the cables… if you are using usb… try another usb cable…
if you are using network check your network cables…
still unable to scan…
uninstall scan software from your mac and from each profile.. reboot mac
uninstall printer monitor software that startsup with your mac… from each profile… reboot mac
delete any epson software on your system… reboot mac
reinstall epson software reboot mac
if you still have issues and its networked… verify that your dns settings on your mac and your epson are ok…
also try this Go to Applications –> Utilities –> Epson Scan Settings and verify that the scanner is on the same network as the printer…
if that doesn’t work try this… configure network scanner settings

if that doesn’t work try comparing info.plist with a mac where the scanner works

if after doing all this then the epson power light is red and not green… you have a defective scanner… if the light is green after a reboot of the epson… then the fault lies with the mac configuration for the epson.

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