I was talking to an older tech today and he told me about a fix that he uses if he has no choice and the customer has to have the repair and there are no paper feed rollers. This is based on the idea that the paper feed rollers get smaller or badly worn and shaped over time and on the idea that they are made out of rubber. Now he said, if flipping the rubber cover inside out has already been tried and/or is not an option. One could try removing the roller, cleaning and drying it and then applying rubber cement so as to increase the diameter of the roller… preferably quick drying… let it sit… use a hair dryer to speed up the process… once dry, insert roller… if it works out… then the roller will last for 3 to 6 months… now here are some things to note… the ghettofied roller may cause the fuser and the drum to wear faster so use at your own risk… rubber cement comes in the rub on, spray on and brush on variety. I advise testing this idea before using it at a customer’s site.

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