I was sitting in the shop today…. Yes its summer and I have to look busy…. Ok back to sitting in the shop. I was sitting in the shop and we had a bunch of old kyocera chargers sitting around. All defective bad corona and chargers. I decided to clean the coronas and test the chargers.

On a couple the corona wires were broken…. We had some corona wire purchased from ebay on hand… there are all kinds of corona wire… You have to experiment to see which works best for you. But typically a spool is like $6 but a charger unit can run atleast $100 so do the math… corona wire replacement way cheaper…

In the process one of the skills I learned from a friend came in handy- the haywire twist. I measured out the wire tied of both ends with the haywire twist and was pleasantly surpised that the newly repaired corona worked.

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