I recently had a customer that had problems printing to their copier.  Sometimes the copier would take 5 minutes to process a print job.  I told them that they should

1. download bitmeter os
2. install it on each computer
3. let it run for a week
4. record when the network runs slow in a log book
5. check the bitmeter logs for each pc
For a more robust program try ( netlimiter) or even setup a linux gateway server with ntop or mrtg.

Ok Now that you know pc and which programs are consuming bandwidth. You can use qos to limit bandwidth on the ip address thats the bad guy or the ip address or host name of the machine thats the problem.

They asked what is something that they can do now because my speech was getting a bit too techy for them.
I gave them a list…
1. Get rid of all streaming software on their office computers
2. Have their network guy block all media sharing sites on their network.
3. Make firefox their default browser.
4. Insall addons to limit or stop flash playing and autoloading.
5. Do a thorough pc checkup… on all network computers.
6. remove all viruses, spyware and the like…
7. Have all computers loaded only with business software.

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