Seven Tips To Evaluate A Color Label Printer For Best Performance

Color Label printers are very helpful in your business. Whether your work entails frequent product packaging or simple everyday mailings; label printers helps in various business-related projects. Color label printers come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Here are seven tips to evaluate a color label printer for best performance.

Watch as a Roll of Labels is Printed

It is good that you evaluate the performance of a color label printer even before buying it so that you can be sure of its performance. Request to have an-person demonstration to ascertain that the printer is functioning well. Do not just rely on word of mouth but watch as labels are printed. If the printer has a problem then you will be able to note and have the issue sorted before you purchase it.

Print Own Label Format

After evaluating the sample label, let your own format label be printed. You know what your own labels look like and you will be able to evaluate better the performance of the laser printer using your own labels. Please provide digital label artwork so that you can analyze clearly the best the color label printer can do. This will be of great help because if the color matching is not done well then you will have time to adjust the hues accordingly to match your expectations.


The durability of the color label printer is something that you have to evaluate carefully when you are buying the label printer. A durable printer will be of great help to your business since it will serve the needs of your business for years before thinking of another financial outlay to purchase another one. You literally do not need to invest your hard earned cash in a delicate color label printer that will not be operational just after a couple of months of use.


It is important that you evaluate how fast it takes for the color label printer to produce a print task. Attributes such as processing time delays, time it takes to load the printer with blank labels and maintenance procedures all have an impact on the performance of the printer. Speed and connectivity are very important aspects of a label printer and as such you should ensure that you evaluate these aspects well.

Print Quality

Print resolution and print quality are also important attributes that you evaluate in a color label printer for best performance. Your own perception of print quality is far much accurate and better as compared to technical specification. Some manufacturers are offering very cheap label printers to the market but their print quality is low. It is worth mentioning that print quality is important and you should not compromise quality for price. A color label printer is a long term investment for your business and as such you should buy a printer that will give the best print quality that will make you happy as well as your customers.

Brand Reputation

In the market today, there are a myriad of manufacturers that are offering color label printers to the market. Before making your purchase, it is important that you evaluate the brand reputation of that particular color label printer. Taking time to find out what other users are saying about the printer will help you not to end up saddling with a color label printer that will not live up to your expectations and will just be a piece of junk after several months of use. Remember a color label printer can be rendered redundant easily by just a simple malfunction. A well known brand will be a better bet than just a brand that has been launched in the market. Even if a company is offering their products at relatively low rates it is good to stick to established brands because you are assured of quality.

Maintenance and Repair

When you are buying a color label printer you should evaluate the maintenance and repair. It is good to analyze beforehand how you can fix a problem in case of anything. Also, it is good to have regular maintenance of the machine for best performance.

You should buy a color label printer that is easy to use and is versatile. The cost of color label printers varies with different vendors. You therefore need to do a thorough market research of what various vendors are offering the market in terms of quality and price to choose the color label printer that suits your needs best within your budget. As long as you know the type of color label printer you are looking for, it will be pretty easy to get the right one.

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