Oki Data Dot Matrix Printers
By Vrinda Bhardwaj

A Dot Matrix Printer is an impact printer that uses a matrix of small pins to create absolute pixels or dots that together form a larger image on the paper. The printer head of this impact printer runs back and forth, or up and down in motion, involving a mechanical pressure that forces an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper to create images. The dot-matrix printer can produce carbon and carbonless copies with fine text as well as graphical images quite easily. These devices are largely divided into two classes: character-based or lined-based, attributing to the configuration of printer head.

Dot Matrix Printers are manufactured by various renowned computer peripherals manufacturing companies like DASCOM, Epson, Lexmark and Oki Data. Oki Data is one of the finest manufacturers of dot matrix printers that deliver durable and high quality output. Oki Data printers can be a perfect solution for operations that require high volume report printing.

Oki Data is a widely known company that offers wonderful printing solutions in the form of digital colour and monochrome printers, serial impact dot matrix printers and other multifunction products. Considered to be an ace, a specialist in business printing solutions, it offers premium “printing technology and real-world solutions” that are designed to optimize business performances and to help manage workflow. The company has built its image as one of the fastest growing enterprises on the basis of its strong customer collaboration and service that helped improving their productivity, profitability and performance.

These serial impact printers are one of the most dependable professional devices available in the market today. They are mostly chosen for printing multiple copies of forms, cash registers, ATM receipts, etc., and can operate well in extreme environment. These printers offer low cost per page output, have excellent reliability, unique paper handling feature and can very well meet the growing demand for affordable, speedy and specific printings. Oki Data matrix printers are designed to be user-friendly and make the printing and print management jobs easier.

For over 30 years, Oki Data microline dot matrix printers have been delivering quality output in the most demanding environment like retail sales counters, automotive repair shops, airline counters, medical facilities, financial departments and manufacturing sites. Oki Data offers printing solutions from basic to customized, customer-specific needs. The company has its representation in over 120 countries all around the world and proudly leads the global printer market.

An array of exceptional Oki Data Dot Matrix Printers can be found on an interesting online store,, at affordable prices. The store also offers a range of international brands and products catering to your various electronic needs.

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